We have the right type of button according to your application and design needs such as swivel collet, nylon collet, and metal collet. YKK Snap Fasteners America INC buttons are available in sizes of: 22, 24 and 27Ligne, in various base metals and in an array of different finishes.


We offer a wide selection of burrs and rivets, which will enhance your garment design and quality. Our burrs are available in seven different styles such as: Front Pocket, Bullseye, Crown, Capped Tubular, Tubular, Dome and 2 Piece Burr. They are available plain or with your personalized logo, in different base metals and in a great variety of finishes.


We offer three different types of Snaps:

The "SX" 2-prong attached ring spring snap, developed by YKK Snap Fasteners America INC, is the most popular snap on the market for its high performance and cost effectiveness.

The "SW", the parallel spring system, with its consistent smooth snap action.

The "SK" the post ring spring system, for durable and sturdy applications.

All three types are available in various sizes, base metals and numerous finishes to enhance your fashion creations.


Universal's SNAPET© snap fasteners are specified by all quality brands of infant-wear for its safety and reliability. They are available in sizes 14, 15,16,18,20, and 24 ligne. Our SNAPET © snap fasteners are also available in a variety of finishes and colors.


Our Elite© hook and eyes, an elegant addition to your designs, are manufactured in two base metals: brass and steel, and are available in a variety of finishes, including Nickel Free. Both the #8 hook and the #85 eye come in standard or long legs.

While our fasteneres are available in many other colors, the following are the standard finishes.
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